Our supervision is something we pride ourselves on.

Youth Camp Supervision (13 - 18yrs)

We understand that our teenage campers want a little freedom and the ability to make their own decisions.  This is an important part of working out who you are and who you want to become.

We have a system that allows for a little freedom while still knowing what everyone's up to.  We require the teenage campers to check in with us prior to heading into the village and we have them check in when they get back.  Whether it be go to the supermarket, out for ice-cream or to one of the many sports stores in Whistler Village.  With our low session numbers (40 campers per session) we can easily notice houdini's, moods and get a feel for the general vibe of different packs.

We do room checks throughout the night and require all teenage campers to be in their rooms by 11pm. 

We stay in the hotel in our own private suite/office.  Our door is always open and our suite can end up being quite the hangout spot between activities.

Because we stay in the hotel with the campers we can easily tell if anyone sneaks out or is planning on it.  If anyone is late for the 11pm room check we call their phones and find out where they are.  As we give teenage campers freedom we can also take some away if problems arise.  Parents will be contacted if problems persist and in the event of serious matters campers will be sent home at the expense of the camper.

Social Media

Due to the insane amount apps and websites that teenagers use these days it's pretty easy to see what they're up too.  And if we don't see it I can guarantee that another camper will.  Posting something stupid while under our duty of care is not only a concern for those involved but reflex's badly on our summer camp program.  Action will be taken and parents will be notified if the matter is of a serious nature.

Immediate dismissal

We have a strict no drug, no drug paraphernalia or alcohol policy.  Any campers thinking that any of the aforementioned is a good camp activity will be sent home immediately at the parents/campers expense and there will be no refund.

Summer camp is an awesome experience, campers have an exciting busy schedule and while these things very rarely happen they must be mentioned.  Hopefully all campers and parents will have an understanding prior to camp and if you'd like to discuss this matter further then please feel free to contact us.

Oh and if you feel we can be out smarted.... don't even think about it!  We're all still pretty young and we've been there before!


Coming to camp is an incredible experience for younger campers (ages 7-12). It is a great opportunity for them to build their self-esteem and confidence. They get a taste of independence from mom and dad in a safe, controlled and supportive environment. We offer fun activities and permit the children to make decisions and challenge themselves- at their own pace, which is important for younger kids who may not have the energy and stamina that older kids have.

They learn new skills and meet new friends as they are roomed with children their own age and sex, and we’re always on hand to keep the kids happy and healthy. We provide a safe environment for children to spread their wings- both on-hill and off-hill.

The junior campers get chaperoned at all times.

Campers can get wake up calls from the hotel, we can wake them up or they can try to get ready on their own.  Before we head to breakfast we assemble in the hotel lobby, account for everyone, then walk to breakfast as a group.  Any stragglers are helped by one of our awesome staff and meet up with the rest of the group in good time.

After breakfast the junior campers head up the hill with their coaches.  We make sure everyone has all their gear with them and are good to go for the day.

We have a bbq lunch on hill everyday, we all meet for lunch at a big tent at the bottom of the terrain park.  This is when we all refuel, throw the odd snowball and make sure everyone's having a good time.  This also gives the young clowns some time to show the camp a bit of their routine.

In the afternoon we have the coaches chaperone the campers back to the hotel and attend the activities with them, helping build report both on and off the hill.  Building trust and friendships between campers and coaches produces great results while on the hill.  Junior campers are then escorted to dinner with the whole camp.  After dinner junior campers get to make some decisions as to what they want to do, whether it be cruse the village, get ice-cream, play dodgeball, go swimming etc all under the guidance of one of our the coaches/chaperones.

The directors (myself and partner) and at least 2 other coaches/councilors live at the hotel with the campers.  We have a hotel room on the same floor close to all the junior campers and our door is always open.  We have room checks throughout the night and everyone is accounted for.

We understand that different parents have different rules and beliefs.  That's why we keep open communication between everyone, we encourage the kids to contact parents and we are never far from the phone if parents have any concerns.

If you'd like to discuss anything further then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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