Food is awesome!

All meals are provided for our younger campers! We find that the adult campers best enjoy the culinary delights that Whistler has to offer so we do not include dinners with the adult camp.

With the growing popularity of energy drinks and quick easy meals, we are pleased to offer fantastic healthy eating options. With an understanding of how important sustainable energy is for us all, especially our young campers, we eat at well-established restaurants around Whistler village. We are focused on providing a range of meal alternatives to fit all beliefs and pallets with a focus on health and nutrition. That being said we all have a little sweet tooth and you can’t stuff piñatas with carrots and brussell sprouts!

Special requests

If you have different religious beliefs and feel that camp my not meet these requirements then please contact us for special arranged meals.  We've had Kosher campers in the past where parents (lets face it, Mom) has organized with a caterer to have a weeks worth of food made for her happy camper.  We pick it up from Vancouver and the food goes straight into the campers fridge/freezer.  When we go out for dinner we just get the restaurants to heat up the meals so we all still eat as a group.

This has worked very well in the past so please contact us if you have any questions or requirements.


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