Ability Levels

You'll be surprised how fun (and safe) the park can be when you understand what you're doing and have a professional coach to guide you step by step.

Level 1.

I'm cruising green runs, stopping and turning comfortably.  Loads of my friends ride park and I would love to get into it safely.

Level 2.

I'm dominating green runs and some of the easier blues.  I've been in the park before but would love to hone my skills?

Level 3.

I'm hitting all the small and a few medium features on the good days.  I want some help getting consistent and taking it to the next level.

Level 4.

I'm comfortably hitting all the small, medium and the occasional large feature when I'm on top of my game.  I want to increase my bag of tricks and iron out a couple of bad habits.

Level 5.

I can comfortably hit most large park features, I've been competing/thinking about competing and want to learn to link my tricks together.  I'd like to grow my bag of tricks for the up coming winter and above all I'll die if I have to spend all summer off snow!


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