A Day at Camp

This is what a typical day at camp looks like at summer camp

7:00 - 8:30 

Campers wake up and make their way to Portobello for breakfast. On the first morning, coaches meet their group at the hotel and walk with them to breakfast - just to make sure everyone knows where to go. For the rest of the week we allow campers (over 12 years old) to walk with their friends. We find they usually make friends with their roommates and walk over in groups. This allows them some flexibility - some like to come early and be first up the chair, others like to sleep in longer and take their time getting ready.

7:30 - 9:00 

After breakfast we walk to the Wizard Chair and head up the mountain! It's an adventure getting up to the glacier, with lots of bear watching and marmot spotting. 

 8:15 - 3:00

Campers begin to arrive on the glacier around 8:15. After dropping their backpacks off at the tent and doing a few warm ups they are ready to start their sessions. Coaches find out their group's goals and ability levels on the first day, and design a training plan around what their campers want to learn. 

When they need a break they can relax in the tent or around the camp fire or BBQ. Lunch and drinks are served in the tent all day. After lunch they can continue to ride with their coach and we usually have a camp activity happening such as a game of SKATE, pinatas, contests, etc. The glacier closes at 3:00.

3:30 - 5:30

As the campers start arriving back at the hotel, the councilors give them details for the afternoon activities. There are usually 2 activities happening so they can choose what they want to do (mini golf, paint ball, trampoline gym, bungee jumping, mountain biking, etc). They have time to change and then head out to their activity. 

5:30 - 7:00

The whole camp meets for dinner at a local restaurant when they finish their afternoon activities. 

7:00 - 9:30

Evening activities such as movie night at the theatre, pool party at the hotel, dodgeball tournaments and camp fires. We usually have one big evening activity so everyone hangs out together.

10:00 +

Room checks begin, we ask everyone to be in their own rooms by 10:00. We come by to make sure we see every camper, make sure they're comfortable and they've set their alarms. We do rounds until everyone is settled down and sleeping.


The amount of time they get on the snow with their coach is entirely up to the camper (although we do encourage them to get up as early as possible). If they're really motivated, they eat breakfast early and get on the first chair at 7:30am. This gets them snowboarding by 8:15 or earlier and gives them almost 7 hours of coaching. In my experience, it seems most campers make it up the glacier around 9am, and start to get tired and head down around 2:30. 

Our supervision policy is something we're proud of and it sets us apart from other camps. Having a smaller camp makes it more of a family atmosphere with more personal attention. Campers don't get lost in the crowd, everyone knows each other. We have a system that allows campers (over 12) the freedom to move around without a chaperone during the day, while still allowing us to know where everyone is at all times:

The campers get checked in at breakfast (and we wake up anyone who has slept in), at 9:30am the coaches call me if they are missing anyone from their group, campers check in again when they get back to the hotel in the afternoon and we keep track of who is at which activity, we check them in again at dinner, everyone does the evening activity together and then we do room checks. This way we know where they are and we know they're safe. We have coaches and councilors supervising all of the activities, and councilors and the director live at the hotel with the campers. 

If you have any questions/concerns then please feel free to contact us.


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