Glacier snowmaking

So as we all know Mother Nature has not been so kind to us over the last few winters here in Whistler, British Columbia.  Well not just Whistler but the whole of Western North America (thank god we're not in Cali).  

Luckily this season she has blessed us with the awesome powder days we have grown to love.  With over 6m (18ft) of snow to date, the park this summer is going to be really fun in the same fantastic progressive style as always.

With the short comings of the last 2 seasons, Whistler Backcomb has stepped up to the plate and installed snowmaking on the Horstman Glacier.  The snowmaking heads and Whistler Backcomb managers have been running a pilot project consisting of 4 different automated tower snow guns.  The initial thought was to line the ridge of the glacier with 26 of the best performing snow gun out of the pilot test.

As it goes, getting the right wind direction, temperatures and making the right snow on the steep terrain has proven to be a bit of an issue.  The planned tower snow guns have since been shut down in exchange for some hard working forward thinking individuals made up of Whistler Blackcomb's finest snowmakers.  The snowmaking team has been working around the clock to fill in a large recess in the upper section of the t-bar.  They have proven that with the help of natural snow, snowmaking does really help the situation.  While it may have a few factors that need to line up, snowmaking on the Horseman Glacier is a success.  

So if you're out and about smashing pow on 7th Heaven, or your sitting on the patio at the Horstman Hut enjoying a beer and happen to see a Snow maker, say hi, ask some questions or at least let them know that the long hours they do are great for everyone.


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