We changed our name!

So as you've probably noticed, skiing and snowboarding has changed in some dramatic ways since The Dave Murray camp started.  Dave Murray, the "Crazy Canuck" was a hero and legend of his time, building the camp to glory in it's early years.

Some time ago the Dave Murray summer camp was handed on to a new generation, a snowboarder by the Name of Greg Daniels. Greg started the Whistler Summer Snowboard Camp, it used the same private park space and all the facilities that the Dave Murray Camp did.  Greg essentially started a snowboarding and skiing camp running under 2 names.

As the years went on, people got old and so did the names.

Now we are here, in this current day and age.  It's time that the summer ski and snowboard camps that we run and love running got with the times as well.  That's why we have renamed the freestyle component of the camps to Treeline Camps.  Check out the camp packages here.

Don't distress though, you can still find the awesome Dave Murray Race Camp at davemurrayskiracing.com

Here's to new beginnings!

Luke & Lisa

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