March 11, 2017

Ladies weekend

Do you want to build your skills in a relaxing environment with other girls learning to ride park?

Check out our ladies weekend here! 

February 18, 2016

Snowboard Addiction Adults week

We have a special week for all adult (19+) snowboarders looking to build their skills this summer.  Our all inclusive camp will be the best week of your summer.  

We have loads of snowboarding time for the 6 on mountain days.  You can get on the hill as early as 8:30am and ride till 3pm!  Thats over 6 hours of park riding every day!

After snowboarding you'll be able to increase your bag of tricks when we take you to the Bounce Trampoline Gym.  Your coach will walk you through the basics from 180's, 360's, back flips and any other trick you want to take to the snow.

Find it hard to visualize your tricks or know what your bodies doing on your snowboard?  Well we do video analysis. You'll get to see yourself doing tricks in the park and get your movement broken down by our professional coaches so that you can make the correct changes to nail the tricks you want to learn.

So thinking about snowboarding this summer but you're not sure if you're ready?  Drop us a line and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Hope we see you soon!


January 22, 2016

Glacier snowmaking

So as we all know Mother Nature has not been so kind to us over the last few winters here in Whistler, British Columbia.  Well not just Whistler but the whole of Western North America (thank god we're not in Cali).  

Luckily this season she has blessed us with the awesome powder days we have grown to love.  With over 6m (18ft) of snow to date, the park this summer is going to be really fun in the same fantastic progressive style as always.

With the short comings of the last 2 seasons, Whistler Backcomb has stepped up to the plate and installed snowmaking on the Horstman Glacier.  The snowmaking heads and Whistler Backcomb managers have been running a pilot project consisting of 4 different automated tower snow guns.  The initial thought was to line the ridge of the glacier with 26 of the best performing snow gun out of the pilot test.

As it goes, getting the right wind direction, temperatures and making the right snow on the steep terrain has proven to be a bit of an issue.  The planned tower snow guns have since been shut down in exchange for some hard working forward thinking individuals made up of Whistler Blackcomb's finest snowmakers.  The snowmaking team has been working around the clock to fill in a large recess in the upper section of the t-bar.  They have proven that with the help of natural snow, snowmaking does really help the situation.  While it may have a few factors that need to line up, snowmaking on the Horseman Glacier is a success.  

So if you're out and about smashing pow on 7th Heaven, or your sitting on the patio at the Horstman Hut enjoying a beer and happen to see a Snow maker, say hi, ask some questions or at least let them know that the long hours they do are great for everyone.


November 18, 2015

Travis Rice's new movie

This thing looks amazing.  I'm not sure that I can wait a year.

May 11, 2015

The first day of summer camp

Last year we put together a little edit of the first day of camp.  We have kids from the Hutch ski/board Academy, some local pros like Geoff Brown and our adult campers cutting park laps in our freshly groomed private terrain park.

Check out all the action HERE!

Summer ski snowboard camp private terrain park, Whistler B.C. Canada

April 30, 2015

Snowboard Addiction prize giveaway

So as you know we've got together with Snowboard Addiction for this summer.  To celebrate the awesome collaboration we decided to giveaway some SA gear.

So the 2 lucky winners get to choose from a Snowboard Addiction snowboard or a full training setup including the balance bar, training board and bindings.

Check out the gear at

We have 9 more places left in the adult camp so it's not too late to sign up to get your summer snowboarding fix and increase your bag of tricks!

So I'd like to say congratulations to Jeff Mawle and David Miller!  We'll have your new gear waiting for you at camp!

Check out the video below to see how it all unfolded.


April 09, 2015

A day with Duncan

Last year I followed our head snowboard coach and all round awesome guy Duncan Mainland around the Blackcomb park for a day. You'll never guess what happened next!


March 08, 2015

Snowboard slopestyle winning run

Check out this run from Yuki Kadono.  Snowboarding is progressing at a crazy rate.  If you want to be a top athlete then you'll need to be on snow all the time, even in the summer.


March 02, 2015

Adult Camp

Snowboard Addiction tramp boardSnowboard Addiction balance bar

Snowboard Addiction Rehab snowboard



We're happy to announce that we're teaming up with Snowboard Addiction for our adult summer camp session!

Snowboard Addiction is the number 1 snowboard video training and training products company in the world.

Sign up for our 1 week camp and pay in full by March 31st to go into the draw to win a Snowboard Addiction snowboard or a balance bar and tramp board set up including the tramp board bindings.

So sign up for summer camp today!  It will be your all inclusive summer vacation you'll never forget!

Click this link to find out more!

December 18, 2014

We changed our name!

So as you've probably noticed, skiing and snowboarding has changed in some dramatic ways since The Dave Murray camp started.  Dave Murray, the "Crazy Canuck" was a hero and legend of his time, building the camp to glory in it's early years.

Some time ago the Dave Murray summer camp was handed on to a new generation, a snowboarder by the Name of Greg Daniels. Greg started the Whistler Summer Snowboard Camp, it used the same private park space and all the facilities that the Dave Murray Camp did.  Greg essentially started a snowboarding and skiing camp running under 2 names.

As the years went on, people got old and so did the names.

Now we are here, in this current day and age.  It's time that the summer ski and snowboard camps that we run and love running got with the times as well.  That's why we have renamed the freestyle component of the camps to Treeline Camps.  Check out the camp packages here.

Don't distress though, you can still find the awesome Dave Murray Race Camp at

Here's to new beginnings!

Luke & Lisa

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